Oklahoma City Thunder: Trio of Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Russell Westbrook may actually work

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There are reports that the Oklahoma City Thunder may be in the market for Carmelo Anthony. How is that even possible but remember how they came into the services of Paul George. No one saw them coming then either. This may be a case of deja vu for the NBA. While Carmelo’s name has been mentioned with just about every team in the league, the Thunder were the ones who were always left off– thanks to George. But now, thanks to George, this may become a reality. But how far can a trio of Russell Westbrook, George and Anthony go?

This is not the Eastern Conference in which it seems to be a two-team race. The Thunder resides in the West where competition is tough.

But think about that lineup for a moment. Westbrook, George, and Carmelo. The crazy part is that it’s not just what those three players can do as a trio but what they can do as a team. Let’s not forget to mention who will share the floor with them. A starting unit of Westbrook, Andre Roberson, George, Anthony and Enes Kanter is one that I could put my money behind to take one of the top 3 spots in a tough West.

Roberson is a tough, hard-nosed defender who can hit the occasional perimeter shot. And if the Carmelo trade is to go through, the Thunder will likely have to move either Kanter or Steven Adams in the deal. I say Adams due to his high salary, leaving Kanter, who’s a better rebounder to man the paint. George will bring his usual two-way skills while Anthony will be free to make fools of slower power forwards sort of like Draymond Green (but without the defensive skills). Then there’s Russell. The MVP of the 2016-17 season. What he can do for this unit is bring them all together if winning is his ultimate goal.

This will be a veteran team who would like nothing more than to put the Rockets and Warriors in their place. Neither player has won on the big stage but as a combined unit they will have a chance to change that. The only issue that I can see with this Thunder team will be their perimeter game. Anthony is solid from the perimeter but both Westbrook and George struggles at times. If the Thunder are willing to give more playing time to Doug McDermott then he will take some of the pressure off the newly formed Big 3.

While Anthony has been linked to teams like the Rockets, Trail Blazers, and Cavs, it’s the Thunder who may be best suited for his talents.


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