Cleveland Cavaliers: If Kyrie Irving leaves, will LeBron James get to play with the real Kevin Love?

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There is one good thing that can come of this whole mess between Kyrie Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James– the rebirth of Kevin Love. For those that don’t know or have forgotten, there was a time when Love was considered the best power forward in the NBA. During his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves, Love was at his best as he averaged 19 points and 12 rebounds in six seasons. Love was a monster when it came to the boards and it was seen that he would be the new cornerstone to help lead the lead to places Kevin Garnett couldn’t.

However, it didn’t work out that way and when LeBron James came crawling back to Cleveland– he needed some help.

The Cavs sent Andre Wiggins to Minnesota and the new Big 3 was formed. Love, James, and Irving. In their first season together they rode that wave of excitemt to the NBA Finals but Love woould not be a part of that story. He was injured in the Eastern Conference playoffs against the Boston Celtics and would sit and watch as his teammates were ran out of the gym against the Golden State Warirors in six games. For that season, Love averaged 16 points and 10 rebound an his play was what the Cavs expected.

Then the 2015-16 seasons started and so did the trade whispers. Maybe love didn’t fit in with this team as he seemed to have a hard time fitting in the way that Chris Bosh did with the Miami Heat. Love went from a post player who occasionally took three’s to a perimeter player who occasionally played in the post. He tried his best to adapt to his surronding but he struggled. In 2015, Love avaraged 16 points and 10 rebounds again but his three-point attempts jumped. Love was not the same player.

In 2016, it was more of the same and the trade whispers now became louder. The Cavs would end up losing another Finals and the offseason had Love’s name mentioned with plenty of teams. But then the Kyrie news happened and Love’s name was put on a back burner.

What this does is now open the door for Love to be the player he once was if Kyrie is set to leave.

Love is a player of habait. He’s best suited for the post where he can dominate most players guarding him. Love can put the ball on the floor and drive but defenders must resepct his abailty to step out to 26 feet and beyond. With Irving gone and the Cavs hoping that Derrick Rose can become more of a conventional passer, that shouold open the door for Love to return to form. Not only does he need this and the Cavs but LeBron as weell.

While in Miami, Bosh and LeBron had hgreat chemistry but Bosh and Love and clearly cut from a different cloth. There are not too many players in the leage who can haul down 13 rebounds with ease on a nightly basis, however, Love is one of them.

If Rose can find a way to transform his game that will let LeBron play a little more freely, thus resulting in Love being able to return to being himself.

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