Cleveland Cavaliers: Why the hell hasn't Kyrie Irving taken a stance yet?

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With all the drama, trade rumors, and whispers surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James, one thing has gone unnoticed. Where the hell is Irving? I mean, this is his mess that we’re covering and debating over but he’s nowhere to be found. If this was LeBron, he will be ridiculed from the moon and back by now so why are we giving Kyrie a free pass to vanish?

The reports indicate that Irving spoke to Dan Gilbert about a possible trade but that meeting was swept under the rug. But we never attempted to find out why and who leaked what was discussed. Now, we’re getting reports from Irving’s camp that it was LeBron who leaked the info. That may be true and Irving may have every right to be mad at James but shouldn’t his anger be towards Gilbert? If it was just Irving and Gilbert in the room then how did LeBron find out about the request to even leak it?

We have reports also coming in that LeBron is ready to fight Irving on site for wanting to leave the team and giving off the notion that LeBron is a bad teammate. If that may be the case then no wonder James is happy that Irving wants off the team.

All this could be cleared up or even given a fake mask to hide behind if Irving just crawls out from whatever rock he’s under and makes a statement. The statement can be something along the lines of he never spoke with Gilbert about a trade or that he had time to think it over and he wants to stay with the team. Maybe a joint press conference with LeBron to bury what is between them, but give your fans something. This hiding is not helping matters.

Or, he could just come out and tell the truth and say that he no longer wants to play for the Cavs and wishes that he could move on.

At this point, something has to be said. I have no idea who his PR person is but they are doing a terrible job of managing this crisis.


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