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Arguably the most riveting segments of WWE’s Monday Night Raw the past few weeks have centered around the breakup of popular tag team Big Cass and Enzo Amore. The writing was on the wall when the attacks on Enzo began and Hellen Keller could see “whodunit” from the beginning. As lame as it was to watch Raw General manager Kurt Angle bumble through the storyline, it was a clever way to build up the return of The Revival and establish announcer Corey Graves as a bigger character worthy of more than his current duties entail now. Without Graves’ on-point quips and snark, you’d have to watch RAW on mute.

Back to Enzo.

After the culprit was revealed to be (gasp!) Big Cass the following three weeks’ worth of promos from Enzo were worthy of a daytime Emmy. They were real. They were heartfelt. For the dozens of monologues we get across WWE programming on a weekly basis, these promos were the greatest since C.M. Punks’ infamous ‘Pipe Bomb’ segment from a few years ago. You could tell Enzo was coming from a genuine place and we could see ourselves, if we haven’t already, giving this type of speech to friends or relatives of our own.

The Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view served as what should be the finale to the storyline. Enzo and Big Cass had their face-off and Big Cass won handily as we all expected. To do otherwise would have undermined Big Cass’ legitimacy as a viable big man and potential top-of-the-card talent.

The WWE has a shortage of badass heels and Big Cass deserves the opportunity to prove he can be one of those guys. Enzo was conspicuous by his absence on the RAW after the GBOF pay-per-view, allowing Big Cass uninterrupted air time to proclaim himself the next big thing in WWE and start a new rivalry with the Big Show.

For once, perfect party planning by the WWE creative team.

As for Enzo, we’ve seen him take beating after beating without many wins in between dating all the way back to the ‘sensitivity training’ program with Rusev and Lana. Enzo is no match for the giants of the WWE, but he has a place already custom-made for him to shine, 205 Live.

On 205 Live, Enzo can compete against wrestlers his own size (more or less) and lead that brand into a new era. The cruiserweight division has lost its flair. T.J. Perkins fizzled as the golden boy and is now an afterthought. Brian Kendricks’ shtick is useless without the right foil. Jack Gallagher was a win for a brief moment but aside from the umbrella antics and impressive headbutt, he too is a boring watch. As a result, Cruiserweight champion Neville is ruling a yawn-inducing division. What better way to bring back the spark than to have Neville come out on the next RAW, give the obligatory ‘There is nobody left to face me’ rant, and then hit Enzo’s music?

The roof would blow off the building.

Enzo would offset Neville’s’ brutal mic work with that trademark Certified G fire and the two could easily reel off five-star matches. Throw Enzo in against any of the aforementioned superstars and you have an instantly more entertaining match.

This is the perfect time to capitalize on Enzo’s popularity with the WWE universe. Enzo swag is all over the arena at live events and after the breakup he’s even more popular now than ever before. As the Cruiserweight champion, he would vault the division into must-see status instead of the popcorn/bathroom break segment that it is now.

How you doin’?

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